Anabel Thomas,
Art and Piety in the Female Religious Communities of Renaissance Italy. Iconography, Space, and the Religious Woman's Perspective,
Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2003, pp. 430, 12 tav. col., 88 ill. b/n, $ 100,00 (hardback - ISBN 0521811880).


Part I. The Social Function of the Institution
    1. Partial and impartial evidence
    2. Female religious communities characterized
    3. Issues of gender: an Augustinian view

Part II. The Spatial Dimension
    4. The architectural development of the conventual complex
    5. Plans - distinctions drawn in space
    6. Inventories and conventual chronicles - art recorded in space
    7. Visual distinctions and the demarcation of space

Part III. Art and Space
    8. Distinctive imagery in the private and public sphere
    9. Franciscan tertiaries (i)
    10. Franciscan tertiaries (ii)
    11. Tracking change in conventual imagery: images relocated and altered
    12. Re-assessment of conventual imagery: role of suppression documents

Part IV. Art and Ritual
    13. The politics of display
    14. A Dominican angle: San Domenico del Maglio in Florence
    15. Varying degrees of emphasis on titular saints
    16. The nature of gaze
    17. Hierarchies within the establishment: San Niccolò in Prato
    18. The resonance of time and experience: varying patterns of behaviour
    19. Communication

Part V. Perspectives on Conventual Patronage
    20. Commissioning bodies: insiders, outsiders and less familiar asides
    21. Frameworks of association.

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