The Cambridge Companion to Titian
a cura di Patricia Meilman
Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2003, pp. 388, 68 ill. b/n, 75.00

Indice del volume

Patricia Meilman
An introduction to Titian: context and career

Part I. Titian's Diverse Genres

David Rosand
Inventing mythologies: the painter’s poetry

Patricia Meilman
A lifelong passion: Titian's religious art

Carolyn C. Wilson
Invention, devotion and the requirements of patrons: Titian and the new cult of St. Joseph

Caroline Karpinski
‘Lights always at play with shadows’: prints in Titian’s service

Part II. Titian and His Art

Paul Joannides
Titian and Michelangelo/Michelangelo and Titian

Deborah Howard
Titian’s painted architecture

Iain Fenlon
Music and experience in Titian’s Venice

Luba Freedman
Titian and the classical heritage

Part III. Titian Interpreted

Norman Land
Poetry and anecdote in Carlo Ridolfi’s Life of Titian

Laurie Schneider Adams
Iconographic aspects of the gaze in some paintings by Titian

Mary D. Garrard
‘Art more powerful than nature?’: Titian's motto reconsidered

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