Peter Humfrey, Timothy Clifford, Aidan Weston-Lewis, Michael Bury, The Age of Titian: Venetian Renaissance Art from Scottish Collections, catalogo della mostra, Edinburgh, National Galleries of Scotland, 2004, pp. 448, 200 ill. col. e 150 b/n, 40,00 (hardback), . 30,00 (paperback).


Peter Humfrey
Venetian Painting in the Age of Titian

Timothy Clifford
The Age of Titian: The Painting in Context

Peter Humfrey
Collecting Venetian Painting in Scotland


Peter Humfrey
I. Paintings

Aidan Weston-Lewis
II. Drawings

Michael Bury
III. Prints

Helen Vincent, Iain Gordon Brown, Diana Webster
IV. Books & Manuscripts

Timothy Clifford
V. Sculture & Decorative Arts

Appendix I.
Artists' Biographies

Appendix II.
Peter Humfrey
Principal Scottish Collectors & Advisers


Notes & References

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